Two Pages of Lincolnshire

05-1c Album One05-1b Album OneThe last05-1d Album One picture is of the very well known Boston Stump (as it is known), a church tower of unusual shape.  If there is a history, I don’t know it.  But Charlie writes:  In visiting Lincolnshire, Tom Idle is paying tribute to all his anticedents.  About the ancient port of Boston, sunken to the status of a a quaint old market town with a magnificent church, to which direct family ties were strong.  Fishtoft Church where Tom’s parents were married was also visited.  Now comes the interesting bit.  Charlie never visited Boston as his detailed log book confirms.  And I think Charlie inserted these pictures by Tom out of interest.  It may run a little deeper than that.  Tom always seemed to have more money than Charlie, so perhaps in those early days Charlie ‘borrowed’ Tom’s camera  !!

05-1a Album One

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