Poems 29

                                        I Know!

 Now creeps the autumn of my years

Concedes a lavering of the gears

And pace that once I’d reckon slow

          I Know  –  I Know

          And yet I can’t let go!


There’s still the magic of the Springs

And still the spirit blithely sings

What then if mileage works out low?

          I Know  –  I Know

          But I cannot let it go!


I learn to watch with picture clear

The changing seasons of the year

I mark the timeless ebb and flow

          I Know  –  I Know

          And will not let it go!


The little things I used to miss

Now hold my undiluted bliss

With time enough to watch things grow

          I Know  –  I Know

          And this I can’t let go!


And be the seasons white or green

Or all the variants in between

With rain or sun, or freeze or blow

          I Know  –  I Know

          I never shall let go!                              July 1954


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