Poems 11



With praise that is ringing, some people keep singing,    

          That putting the whole world together

No land can compare to the loveliness rare

          Of a Scottish lass born ‘mid the heather.


And others are telling in language compelling

          That wherever their wanderings have been

They’ve ne’er had the pleasure to find such a treasure

          As blue-eyed Kathleen Mavoureen. 


Then some folks are saying that odds they are laying,    

          If you want you can search the world o’er

You’ll not find a beginner there’s only one winner

          The lassie from old England’s shore.


I’m beginning to doubt it, though I didn’t want to shout it

          But I’ve just heard a whisper today

That one of the’We Seven’ has landed in heaven

          And it’s only a day’s ride away!


Whilst he was touring, a lassie alluring,

          The essence of ‘Sweet Seventeen’

His vision enraptured, his heart she encaptured

          A dear little Welsh Gwendoline.


We gave him assistance, we taught him persistence

          For though slow he was awfully keen;

And so by insistence he broke all resistance

          And now she’s his sweet Gwendoline.


                              A Valentine      (Sequel to Gwen)


Dear Gwen I pen this note to you       

          I ain’t much good at verse

But still it’s time I wrote to you,

          For better, or for worse.


Although so many miles from you

          So many miles away;

I can’t forget those smiles from you

          Last New Year’s Day.


I can’t forget that talk with you,

          In the village street –

Although I know that walk with you

          Was short and sweet.


Dear Gwen, I pen this ode to you

          Until again we meet

And when those miles I’ve rode to you

          Don’t run up’t street!  

                                                                      February 1927


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