More Charlie Chadwick….

I am pleased to advise that the publishing committee of the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund (JPMPF – its easier) which is a division of the Veteran Cycle Club, are close to signing off the second volume of Charlie Chadwick’s work.  With a  fair wind and a bit of luck, we hope to get this Volume Two out by the end of February, plus a reprint of Volume One at the same time.  There is to be a change in the appearance of the reprinted Volume One, it will have a new cover but will contain word for word the contents of the book some of you already have.

The reason for the change of cover is so that we can go on to produce more Charlie material – there is plenty to go at – as Volume Three and so on, creating a mini Charlie Chadwick Series within the umbrella of the History of Cycling Series.  Details of the new book and both covers will appear on this website shortly !  (I hope).

The A5 format retention will maintain consistency but the mini series will have colour coded covers.

David Warner

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