Jenkin Chapel, Saltersford

Today a short history lesson.  The picture shows a small chapel near the hamlet of Saltersford, in Derbyshire, which was built by the local community in the early 1700’s, and to be honest you could do no better than looking it all up on Google and Wikipedia.  There is a lot of history around here, the chapel is built adjacent to the local track which was originally a Roman Road.  In the area is a stone at the roadside commemorating the death of a local pack horse owner:  ‘Here John Turner was cast away in a heavy snowstorm in the night in or about the year 1733′  Lots and lots of history.  Look up flickr as well !  John’s horses despite spending the night in the open all survived under the snow which built up.  Because local labour was used to construct the chapel the familiar church shape is not used, they normally built cottages.

Jenkin Chapel, SaltersfordSaltersford gets its name from local traffic.  John Turner, who was one of the sons of Saltersford Hall before he so sadly died, operated pack horses which routinely conveyed salt from the salt workings in Cheshire, to Derby, and return loads of malt for local brewers. Hence the name of Saltersford.  Charlie, not having the benefit of social media, ponders the purpose of this chapel and learns little with his local inquiries.

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