Cheshire Gems

27-1a Album OneSwineyard Hall, near High Legh, Cheshire

Below is the Priest’s House in Prestbury.  It demonstrates that not all priests lived like paupers !   Charlie comments: Always popular for the Sunday run, between 1923 and 1930, Tom and I became very familiar with the local country, always quiet and pleasant away from the main roads.

Your Editor comments as follows:  When my wife and I first got married we rented an old vicarage in Darwen, Lancashire, unfurnished, for the princely sum of £2 per week.  Interestingly, there was ample evidence of at least one servant living in the cellar, with its own fireplace and kitchen, next door to what would have been a very well stocked amply sized storage room for wine bottles.  Stone shelves on three sides, but all the wine was gone !!

And the entrance hall, to complete the picture, was enormous with wide doorways and terra cotta tiling, and 6 rooms and a kitchen with a large heating stove all on the ground floor.  Alterations prior to our stay had created two self contained flats upstairs.

27-1b Album One

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