Charlie’s Poems 6

Blackberry Joe                        6 Poems written about Blackberry Joe


Beneath a bright September sun

          On a sweet September day

The morning dew was falling

          And all the world seemed gay;

A happy cycling party

          Towards the hills did steer –

We little dream’t the tragedy

          That loomed so near.


We stormed blunt Moel Famau

By rough, hard-going ways

With golden gorse and bracken

          The moorlands were ablaze;

The view there from the summit

          Did amply repay

Every dull and listless mile

          We rode that day.


After many wild adventures

          On slippery, skiddy grass

We crossed the Vale of Clwyd

          And through the wooded pass

Of Nant-y-Garth did travel

          To moorlands brown and red

(Dear Reader pause, and shed a tear

          For Joe……..He’s dead!)


Twas in the Pass of Nant-y-Ffrith,

          That wooded deep cut dale

That bites into the moorlands

          ‘Mid scenes that never stale

There in great profusion

          Grew the ghastly things

That to all thoughtless gluttons

          A sudden demise brings.


I falter as I tell you –

          My eyes start growing dim

I stand transfixed in terror

          Of the things that poisoned him

Poor Joe! This was his heaven –

He could not stand and wait

But rushed towards the bushes

          That held the tempting bait.


We tried our best to stay him –

          We pleaded hard to Joe

But he was fascinated –

          He would not let them go:

The big black shining berries

          That held the fatal grub

Went down the way they always do

          To fill his copious tub.


At length our Joe desisted,

          His face was deathly pale,

He fell into a stupor

In that peaceful vale

His great big baby eyes,

          Were bursting from his head…

He shuddered then lay strangely quiet,

          Poor Joe……He’s dead!


One day in sweet September,

          The sun was in the west,

With tear dimmed eyes we slowly laid

Our Joe to rest

And then carved his epitaph

That other ones might know

And take a timely warning

          From Blackberry Joe 


Alleged Epitaph on Supposed grave of ‘Blackberry Joe’


Reader pause and shed ye teare

Upon ye dust that crumbles here

And as thou readeth think of me

And shun ye blasted blackberry tree



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