Peter Kenner of the Rough Stuff Fellowship was the first person who seriously
suggested to me that he and I have a go at publishing Charlie’s work with
some sort of desk top facility (this in the late 1990’s). My computer knowledge
at that time was practically non-existent and I never gave the matter any serious thought.

Following my retirement in 2005 I did make a foray into getting some of the material published in local cycling magazines, particularly the Manchester CTC District Association Northern Wheel.

By the beginning of 2008 when my wife and I made a casual visit to the National Cycle Collection at Llandrindod Wells I had acquired an interest in developing my computer skills. So, when David Higman, the ever so enthusiastic curator of the Museum (now in well earned retirement) proposed that I transcribe all of the material for the museum website I now felt that this was a challenge that I could meet. This was the spark that sel alight the fire that has burned within me whilst I undertook what turned out to be three years of graft in front of a keyboard capturing most of Charlie’s work. Needless to say, it was a labour of love. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I always needed to bring Charlie’s skills to a wider audience and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to do so today.

It was through David Higman’s good offices I quickly became aware of Ray
Miller, the Museum Archivist. It was Ray’s enthusiasm for the material I was
sending to him, for saving by the Museum, that led him to introduce me to the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund committee and their view that ‘a book should be produced’.

I am happy to end by saying that there is enough material for several books
and we are hard at work here on the next offerings.