How a dead witch should be buried!

Only Charlie’s second clubrun of the year, but when you have a new bike, you want others to enjoy it too.  This was a Saturday afternoon run to Woodplumpton on the edge of the Fylde district near Preston, and the old church there became a mine of information.  Regrettably the club run couldn’t produce another witch to bury to test out the theory explained below, but it certainly gave them food for thought.  This last of the Lancashire Witches, Meg Sheldon, certainly became of interest in death, as in life, and no doubt occupied their thoughts for the rest of the day.

Charlie’s most favourite place in the world

Day two of the new bike.  104 miles to go, today.  And that saddle  !!  But he revels in the first true day of Spring, everything in the countryside is coming to life and Charlie cannot get enough of it.  He puts the new bike to the test and does what I would have done under the same circumstances – pedals to his most favourite place in the whole world – Beeston Castle – to immerse himself in past memories and enjoy the day and the good weather.   Apart from the saddle complications, I suppose you could say that it was a marriage made in heaven !

First outing on the new bike!

Having reluctantly ridden an old boneshaker from the beginning of his cycling years (due to financial insolvency) a cracked frame finally brought him to his cycling knees. After an enforced period off the road – awaiting funds we must speculate – he is able to order a brand new F H Grubb, no doubt from the bank of Mum and Dad.  You can imagine his excitement, 21 years old and his first new bike.  He cannot wait to get astride and get going.

The narrow lightweight tyres travelling over Lancashire ‘setts’ (cobbles) made his Brooks saddle uncomfortable to use and in fact it took several changes of saddle, borrowing his friends saddles and suchlike, before he found the answer.  It is heartwarming to read at the end of his first day out (of 58 miles) that “And the new bike does run easier”.